As I walked up the hill, the gum trees loomed tall and dark on the roadside, casting weird shadows in the light from the full moon. Suddenly something caught the corner of my eye and I swept my flashlight in wide arcs around me, wondering if the moonlight was playing tricks on me. It did that sometimes, made me imagine things that weren’t there.

Caught in the beam was a large, furry moth. As it flew closer to my face I swiped at it, feeling its soft body flutter against the palm of my hand. I stifled a scream. I should be used to them by now; I often saw them around the graveyard, moving clumsily through the air, and wondered if they bred in the gum trees. They were bigger than any moths I had ever seen, their wings dull shades of brown, with two iridescent blue circles, one on each wing. Sometimes I would find their dead bodies on the gravestones and I would sweep them up and deposit them in the cemetery bin, while saying a little prayer for the lives short-lived.

From Where the Moths Dance


Images from Pixabay


Character Profile: Violet Parslow








Lives with her parents in the township of Quindlan. Her Aunt Tamilda is a Wiccan High Priestess.

Personality traits:
Violet is very much an individual, with a purple streak down her hair, multiple piercings, and a dress style consisting of miniskirts in shades of purples and blues and emerald greens, worn over black leggings, and accompanied by Doc Marten boots.
She loves everything to do with magic – crystals, herbs, candles, spells, and she wears a silver pentacle around her neck.
She embraces nature and sees the magic in everything around her.






Best friends:
Jessie and Brodie

Attends Quindlan High, but is not very academic. She would rather be out experiencing life.

Favourite colour:
Bohemian colours of deep purple, emerald green, turquoise, and ruby red.

Favourite food:
Chocolate peppermint muffins.
She enjoys cooking, and loves to add herbs from her potted plants to her recipes—rosemary shortbread, mushrooms stuffed with basil and thyme, nettle quiche, lavender ice-cream, angelica and blueberry cake, lemon balm tart, rose petal jelly, violet cheesecake.

Favourite activities:


Herb crafts, candle making, tarot reading, learning about Wicca and magic from her Aunt Tamilda.


Favourite music:
Celtic music

Favourite TV shows:
Witches of East End, The Secret Circle, Charmed

Favourite flower:
Moonflower (also known as Angel’s Trumpet)—a plant with fragrant, white, trumpet-shape blooms that unfurl in the evening and stay open until the sun rises. Highly poisonous.





Candle and moonflower images are from Pixabay. All other images are my own.

Character Profile: Jessie Hale








The caretaker’s cottage at the bottom of Gum Tree Hill Cemetery, in the small town of Quindlan.

Personality traits:
A night owl, she feels at home beneath a veil of darkness, surrounded by the dead, with the moon and Midnight Max for company.
Enjoys spending time alone, but is fiercely loyal to her family and friends.
Can be stubborn and strong-willed, especially when fighting for something she believes in.
Will stand up to her fears and face them head-on.
Curious and questioning.
Open-minded, she is willing to give anything a go, and to believe the impossible.

Best friends:
Violet and Brodie.

Quindlan High

Favourite colour:

Favourite food:
Pizza, anything spicy, and banana cake.

Favourite activities:
Reading, listening to music, hanging out in the graveyard, talking to the dead.




Favourite band:

Favourite TV show:
Ghost Whisperer

Favourite flower:
The blood-red rambling rose that entwines the iron gates at the entrance to the graveyard.




Greatest fear:
The wispy gray strands of fog that linger in the graveyard long after the morning mist over Quindlan has dispersed.

Violet Moon

Just as I had been staring at Elliott’s picture and wondering what he would have looked like now, a year on, if he had had the chance to live, Sam had appeared beside me. He crouched down in front of the tree and pulled out a smaller photo that had been tucked into the corner of the frame. It was a picture of the moon surrounded in swirls of bluish-gray cloud against a violet-tinged sky.

“Elliott was passionate about everything to do with space,” Sam said, straightening. He stared down at the picture in his hand. “He was always going on about how black holes were portals into parallel universes. He said that one day he was going to find out what was through the other side of the holes.”

                                                                              From Where the Moths Dance

soft violet moon