Character Profile: Midnight Max

Midnight Max

Gum Tree Hill Cemetery in the small township of Quindlan.
Midnight Max has lived in the graveyard all his life. He knows every gravestone and every tree. He takes shelter from the bad weather in the caretaker’s shed, and he knows the best places to hide when strangers come up the hill in their loud cars and invade his territory. He lives his life by the moon phases and the seasons, taking comfort in all that is familiar.


His friends are the crows that live in the gum trees, and Jessie, the girl who moved into the old caretaker’s cottage down the hill. Jessie spends a lot of time in the graveyard talking to herself, and sometimes she brings him a saucer of milk or a tasty morsel to eat. At first he was wary of her, but now he trusts her and senses that, like him, she just wants a quiet place to hang out, away from the rest of the world.

Personality traits:
He is a loner and a hunter, and he loves to explore, although he never ventures far outside the perimeter of the graveyard. Fiercely protective of his territory, he is more than capable of defending himself if need be.

Midnight Max1


Art Journal Page

This page in my art journal was inspired by my novel Where the Moths Dance.

The full moon bathes Gum Tree Hill Cemetery in a violet glow, casting silvery shadows across the stone angels. The wind whispers through the towering gum trees that encircle the graveyard, offering protection to all they encompass. Midnight Max, the cemetery cat, prowls stealthily between the graves, keeping a close vigil over his domain, while a solitary crow watches silently from its perch atop a gravestone. Overhead, attracted to the moonglow, moths perform a clumsy dance through the night.

While the dead rest, the graveyard is alive.

Mixed-media moths


Mixed-media moths


Mixed-media moths


Mixed-media moths