Character Profile: Jessie Hale








The caretaker’s cottage at the bottom of Gum Tree Hill Cemetery, in the small town of Quindlan.

Personality traits:
A night owl, she feels at home beneath a veil of darkness, surrounded by the dead, with the moon and Midnight Max for company.
Enjoys spending time alone, but is fiercely loyal to her family and friends.
Can be stubborn and strong-willed, especially when fighting for something she believes in.
Will stand up to her fears and face them head-on.
Curious and questioning.
Open-minded, she is willing to give anything a go, and to believe the impossible.

Best friends:
Violet and Brodie.

Quindlan High

Favourite colour:

Favourite food:
Pizza, anything spicy, and banana cake.

Favourite activities:
Reading, listening to music, hanging out in the graveyard, talking to the dead.




Favourite band:

Favourite TV show:
Ghost Whisperer

Favourite flower:
The blood-red rambling rose that entwines the iron gates at the entrance to the graveyard.




Greatest fear:
The wispy gray strands of fog that linger in the graveyard long after the morning mist over Quindlan has dispersed.


The Power of Crystals

For centuries people have been aware of the healing power of crystals and the energy they emit. Each crystal has its own distinct characteristics and properties, working through the resonance and vibration of their crystalline structure to heal and bring balance.

amazoniteBut as well as their power to heal, some crystals have the ability to protect from negative energies, and also from electromagnetic radiation. I keep a piece of amazonite beside my computer to absorb electromagnetic emanations. Other crystals that can protect against electromagnetic smog include smoky quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst, fluorite, amber, lepidolite, jasper, malachite, and aventurine.

In ancient times charms, amulets, and talismans made from crystals were carried or worn for spiritual protection or protection against negative energies. Amber was commonly used for protection by the ancient Romans, while jet was used in olden times to protect from entities of darkness.

Crystals that are known for their strong protective properties include amethyst, clear quartz and smoky quartz, black tourmaline, amber, jet, black obsidian, black onyx, black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, citrine, and garnet.

In my novel, Where the Moths Dance, Jessie carries a crystal protection pouch to protect herself against the evil entity that has invaded the graveyard where she lives. The pouch includes four crystals – clear quartz, amethyst, jet, and obsidian.

crystal protection pouch

clear quartz


Clear quartz is good for grounding and for psychic protection. It protects against negative energy and transforms it to positive energy. It is a good cleanser and defender.



Amethyst is a highly protective stone. It guards against psychic attack and has strong healing and cleansing powers. It provides spiritual protection and purification and can clear one’s environment of negative energies.




Jet draws out and absorbs negative energies, protecting from forces of darkness and violence.




Obsidian provides powerful protective energies. It repels negativity and is said to enhance communication with spirits. It is a good stone for basic psychic defence.


protective crystals

Book Tour: Where the Moths Dance

Where the Moths Dance

I am excited to announce that Enchanted Book Promotions has organised a virtual book tour for my young adult, paranormal novel, Where the Moths Dance. The tour runs for the month of August and includes book excerpts, author interviews, book reviews, and a giveaway for a signed paperback copy of the book. I’ve posted the tour schedule below and hope that you will check out these great book blogs!

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